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Harper's Weekly Review - A visual browser for the quirky news archive. "Looks like satire, handles like a game." Completed 2005

The Digital Scenario Kit - Application for schoolchildren to build multimedia stories and set them to music. EMMA Group project, completed for the Waag, HKU 2004

foafnaut - SVG interface for mapping distributed communities using FOAF (Friend of a Friend) protocol. A work in progress, developed in collaboration with Jim Ley, Dan Brickley and Libby Miller. See my foafnaut manifesto for more information.
The Legacy - Flash animation based on a poem by John Donne. Pure artistic self-indulgence. Completed 2004

NAH6 - An animated logo made in Flash introduces NAH6's secure e-mail product. The world turns, time passes and grass grows while the safe generates a secure key for your encrypted e-mail.

_in print
Jena - Logo and poster for Hewlett-Packard open source semantic web framework. October 2005

What the Hack! - Two t-shirts designed and printed for the quadrennial hacker event, July 2005

Semantic Web Advanced Development - Promotional "interactive" postcard for W3.org project, explaining the principles of Semantic Web technology for beginners. Also printed on a t-shirt. Completed 2004

Beautiful Ontologies - Illustration for magazine article by Paul Ford, appeared in Mute 28, Summer/Autumn 2004.

The Semantic Web - Graphic design and layout for a magazine article. Appeared in Mute 25, November 2002 - May 2003. Can also be viewed in pdf format
Holy - you'll believe a vending machine can fly! Styling and illustration for conceptual artist Merel Mirage's anti-commercial community project [screenshot]

HAL2001 - "Icon strip" based on the movie "2001 - A Space Oddysey" promotes the international conference "Hackers at Large" Twente, Netherlands, 10-12 August 2001.

Justus van Oel - Personal statement or irritating gimmick? Justus' posessions make a mess of his website and break some golden rules of usablity. But somehow, it all still works.

I write, therefore I am - writer Karin Spaink's home page, over 200 pages of features, columns and opinion.

Luisterrijk - een gids over afluisteren (Winnaar - Site van de Maand, Feb 2000, Computer Totaal Magazine).

blue canvas - the work of Amsterdam painter Joan de Bot.

ephidrina - My first website, created using the GIMP, GNU's open-source Photoshop competitor, and the EMACS text editor in a Linux environment, during my year out.
Alizila - Made in a moment of inspiration, this sat around for months until I made it my own company logo and put it on my business card and invoices.

Zonkee - logos for an online writer's community. The monkey on the typewriter motif represents the well-known English saying:
"an infinite number of monkeys, on an infinite number of typewriters, in an infinite time will produce the works of Shakespeare"

Hippies from Hell - a popular logo which became a touring t-shirt, photographed in Strange and Unusual Places.
cabaretweb (screenshot) - proposal for the NAIT-owned cabaret channel. Lists of links, presented in an interesting and elegant way, as a repeating template of nine.